Top 5 Free Video Editing Programs for Youtube

Below you will find the five best free programs that will help you with the movies you create, for Youtube uploaders or for those who are thinking of opening their own channel on it.


Shotcut is an open source video editor that can help you create videos without complicated processes. A very easy interface, it has a timeline, window preview, and a window tool. Using this tool, users can stop splitting to add results and filters and more. In addition, the shotcut also supports a wide range of video formats as it has device and transfer options for better file management. Submitter and tutorials to learn even easier to use.

Operating system: Windows, Linux, MacOS


This video editor is recommended for beginners as it is very easy to use and has a wide range of features such as video effects, pixels, Slow Motion & Time Effects, Animation & Keyframes etc.

Operating system: Windows, Linux, MacOS


This program resembles and works similar to the well-known Windows Movie Maker. If you want, you can add image and sound effects to better enhance your clip, crop, copy, and subtitle. In addition, this program provides a timeline where you can manage your files, and has a media player where you can see the changes you’ve made. After the end of the file, users can subscribe directly to DVDs, save them on a computer, or share them on different social media pages.

Operating System: Windows, MacOS


ApowerEdit is a video editor that targets both ancient and experienced users as it has powerful tools to make your projects look and feel amazing. You can even create a video that you can share on YouTube or other social media (facebook, google +, etc.).

Operating system: Windows, Linux, MacOS


This is a program designed as a basic video encoder. It has a simple and easy to use interface. It can be used by computers with older hardware. With this program users can cut unwanted “scenes” from their videos using filters and adding transitions along their work. Still you can cut the clips to adjust as you want to reduce the noise to adjust the margin etc. On the other hand, a timeline and media playback can not be displayed in this application but have the “Attachment” option that allows you to join your desired clips. These basic features make it a reliable video editor for YouTube.